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July 17 - HMB 2022 Summer Season

                  Lynn Lerew, Director

                  Featuring Maggie Myers, Trumpet Soloist

Time: 7:00 pm  |  Place: Hagerstown City Park Bandshell - Hagerstown, Maryland



This week, the Hagerstown Municipal Band will be featuring Maggie Myers, Trumpet Soloist.

Selections for this concert from the Hagerstown Municipal Band include:

1            Man of the Hour March                                     Fillmore

2            Barber of Seville Overture                                Rossini

3            "Sunday Scherzo" from Manhattan                 Sparke  

              Maggie Myers, Trumpet Soloist


4.           Mr. Trumpet                                                          Balfoort                                                          Ms. Myers              


5            Brazil: Ceremony, Song and Samba                Smith                                              

6            Sandpaper Ballet                                                Anderson

7            Suite of Old American Dances                          Bennett


8            Little Heiskel March                                            Hedges


9            Forty Second Street                                            Arr. Lowden

10           A Friend Remembered                                      Swearingen

We hope to see you there! 

Unable to attend in person but still want to show your support? Consider donating! Click ‘Support’ at the top of the page for more information! Hagerstown Municipal Band is a non-profit organization. Your gift is Tax Deductible. We thank you for your support! 




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