Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below is a summary of common questions and answers that are asked of the organization.

Summer Concert Series

How often are concerts?

The Hagerstown Municipal Band brings concerts to the community on a weekly basis throughout the summer. The full band runs for 11 weeks during the summer as well as adding the HMB Big Band on for a 12th week at the end of the season.

When are concerts?

Concerts are held on a weekly basis, Sunday evenings at 7:30PM during the summer months, normally starting in June and running for 11 weeks for the full band, and adding a 12th week featuring the Hagerstown Municipal Band Big Band.

Where are concerts held?

The summer concert series concerts are almost entirely held at the Band Shell located in the center of the Beautiful City Park of Hagerstown. There are rare exceptions to this where the concert is held in another location. Please see details on specific concerts for more information of a change in location.

Do these concerts cost anything to attend?

No. The Hagerstown Municipal Band has always offered the summer concert series concerts free of charge to participants. This is in large thanks to the generous giving of the City of Hagerstown to help fund these concerts for the community.

Concerts held outside of the summer concert series are possibly subject to charge depending on seating limitations or benefits of the organizations requesting the use of the Band.

Are the performances in the summer concert series the same?

Each week in the summer concert series is a brand new concert, filled with a variety of selections to please all audiences. Each week also features a different guest soloist performing alongside the band to help keep the entire summer fresh and different for each concert.


Does the band have vacancies?

Positions in the band are usually filled by those who have played previously. Vacancies do become available from time to time and substitutes are also needed. If you have appropriate experience as a band musician, have excellent sight-reading skills and can be available for its rehearsal schedule of Monday and Thursday evenings 7:30pm to 9:00pm and concert performance Sunday evenings 7:30pm to 8:30pm for all or some of the 11 weeks of the summer season, there might be opportunities for you to perform with the Band.

Are band members compensated?

The City of Hagerstown provides a yearly contribution to the Municipal Band that enables it to operate as well as provide a small compensation to the musicians for their time and talents for each week's rehearsals and concert.

How do I join the Band?

If you are interested during the season, come to City Park and talk with the Director and / or Section Leader prior to or after a rehearsal or concert. More information will be provided at that time.

During the year whenever the band is not performing, please feel free to contact the director, Lynn Lerew at or the appropriate Section Leader.

Your interest in the Hagerstown Municipal Band is appreciated.