About the Band

Entertaining audiences since 1915, the Hagerstown Municipal Band continues to draw crowds today. Sponsorship by the City of Hagerstown is credited with keeping the band on center stage for its fans.

Long considered an integral part of cultural enrichment in the Tri-state area, the band is once again offering its signature series of free summer concerts. Held at the Hagerstown City Park on Sunday evenings, the concerts feature varied programs and soloists.

People attending the concerts generally arrive early to find prime parking spots, and then stroll over the park's stone bridge walkways toward the Peter Buys Band Shell. Attendees either seat themselves on benches, or tote lawn chairs to dot the shaded, grassy areas surrounding the stage. A park concessions stand is available to refreshment-seekers just a short walk from the band shell. Facilities are handicapped accessible.

Comprised of musicians from all walks of life and all ages, the band has earned a reputation of showcasing well-trained, dedicated musicians. Talented young musicians from area school music programs often begin with the band during high school and continue during college. Through the presentation of quality programming, the musicians grow in experience and repertoire.

The band maintains a tradition of seeking new talent each season. Involved musicians gain encouragement, valuable to their developing and continuing careers as instructors and performers. Many of the performers are high school and college music instructors. A select number of former U.S. Military band members and professional musicians take advantage of the band's unique venues to continue performing.

History of the Band

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HMB Big Band

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Hagerstown Municipal Band Conductors

Lynn Lerew - 1975 to Present (Bio) (llerew@comcast.net)
Michael Maglio - 1969 to 1974 (Bio)
Joseph Leptich - 1969 (Bio)
Kenneth B. Slater - 1959 to 1969 (Bio)
Dr. Peter Buys - 1920 to 1959 (Bio)
W. H. Eberle - Pre 1920
James Riley Wheelock - Pre 1920
Vermond A. Knauss - Pre 1920

HMB Big Band Conductor

Joel Guyton - 2010 to Present (jcguyton0@gmail.com)

Board of Directors

Christopher Stockslager - President
Joel Guyton - Vice President
Betty Sue Guyton - Secretary
Dawn Raynor - Treasurer
Karen L. Hart - Board member, Librarian
Timothy Gotwald - Board Member
John Pursell - Board Member
Doris Smith - Historian

Section Leaders

Timothy Gotwald - Flutes / Piccolos (tgotwald@embarqmail.com)
Gregory Shook - Oboes / Bassoons (gshook@tlchag.org)
Richard Hess - Clarinets (rhess64ac@msn.com)
Nicole Albright - Saxophones (nalbright17@gmail.com)
John Pursell - Trumpets (johnpursell@msn.com)
Dennis Fraley - French Horns (dennyfraley@hotmail.com)
David Wenerd - Trombones / Euphoniums (david.wenerd@casdonline.org)
William Wilson - Tubas (onomrbil@gmx.com)
Marlin Barnes - Percussion (janenmar@embarqmail.com)